1. A Short History of the Sport of Fencing: Part One

    Fencing is rightfully seen as a sport that exudes a great deal of sophistication and history, but do you know how far back the history of the sport goes? The answer might surprise you! In this, the first of a series of blogs, we will attempt to untwist some of the complicated history of the sport so…Read More

  2. How Fencing Can Improve Your Child’s Life

    Your children have so many options for extracurricular activities that it might seem impossible to narrow the choices down to find the one or two that are just right for your kids. Maybe you want them to be on a team but you worry about them being overshadowed. Maybe you want them to do something ph…Read More

  3. Why Your Child Should Start Fencing Classes at a Young Age

    Finding the perfect sport for your child can be difficult. Maybe they want to play everything or maybe they’re only interested in sports that aren’t offered in the area. We have found that most kids will jump at the chance to try fencing because it looks like so much fun. Starting at a young age…Read More

  4. Three More Reasons Fencing is a Great Sport for Children

    In our last entry, we covered three important reasons that fencing lessons might be a good idea for your child. Today, we will give you three more factors to take into consideration when you’re deciding whether or not to let your kids try fencing lessons for awhile. At Lilov Fencing Academy, we em…Read More

  5. Three Reasons Fencing is a Great Sport for Kids: Part One

    Has your child shown an interest in learning a sport but hasn’t had a lot of success with team sports like soccer, football, or baseball? Have they expressed a desire to learn a martial art? Fencing might be the perfect option because it is an individual sport that combines the physicality of mart…Read More